Saturday, September 30, 2017

Mindfulness on your deathbed

Such a disinterested enjoyment of nature as shown by Shingen and Kenshin even in the midst of warlike activities, is known as furyu, and those without this feeling of furyu are classed among the most uncultured in Japan.  The feeling is not merely aesthetical. it has also a religious significance. It is perhaps the same mental attitude that has created the custom among cultured Japanese of writing a verse in either Japanese or Chinese at the moment of death. The verse is known as the “partig-with-life verse.” The Japanese have been taught and trained to be able to find a moment’s leisure to detach themselves from the intensest excitements in which they may happen to be placed. Death is the most serious affair absorbing all one’s attention but the cultured Japanese think they ought to be able to transcend it and view it objectively.

D.T. Suzuki, "Zen and The Japanese Culture"